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The Ultimate Store Manager's Training Toolkit 1

The Ultimate Store Manager's Training Toolkit 2

The Front-To-Back
Training Toolkit

Loss Prevention Leadership Training Toolkit

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Driving Store Performance With Scorecards

This Report describes how Shrink Prevention Scorecarding will provide at-a-glance information that you can use to improve store profitability through directly-related and measurable performance improvements.

PRICE: $55

Manager’s Guide to Loss Prevention

This 250-page Manager’s Guide To Loss Prevention is the definitive industry textbook on the subject and, more than any other book, deserves to be the foundation book in your LP library.


7 Deadly Sins Of Shrink Prevention

Being able to identify these 7 Deadly Sins of Loss Prevention will put you closer than you’ve ever been to solving your Shrink Problems. Knowing how to avoid the traps of shrink loss will lead you to significant profit increases.

PRICE: $79

Extreme Shrink Prevention

This report will show you how to make Extreme Loss Prevention an on-going process that engages the entire culture of your company and not merely a short-term event. Learn how to raise your standards and dedicate your organization to stopping the behaviors that cause your shrink.

PRICE: $55

The ROI of Shrink Reduction

A close look at the operational variables and accounting practices successful companies use to calculate their shrink losses and the ROI of their Loss Prevention programs and practices. Here’s a wealth of invaluable information to help you see how well your LP efforts are working to reduce the profit-robbing shrink that’s plaguing your stores.

PRICE: $55

Shrink Prevention Leadership

A Must-Have compendium of the proven Best Practices successful Leaders use to PREVENT Shrink Loss rather than investigate or catch the perpetrators, after the fact. Loss Prevention only occurs when a loss is prevented before it happens by implementing programs, practices and technologies that change human behaviors.

PRICE: $55

Driving Store Profits With Perishables

Here’s a virtual Store Managers’ Guide to a better understanding of how to control the profit-robbing Perishable Shrink in your stores . The smartest way to minimize Perishable Shrink is to sell it…and sell it while it’s FRESH! .

PRICE: $55

WOW! Superhero Shrink Prevention

Operations Executives, Loss Control Managers, and others responsible for getting employees engaged in profit-making through Loss Prevention need copies of this important reference document on their desktops.

PRICE: $55

Best Practices for Retail Shrink Control

Here’s the definitive Guide to more than 70 Best Practices, Facts and Quotes to help you put the brakes on the retail shrink that’s robbing your stores’ profits.

PRICE: $55

The Complete Back Door Receiving Guide

Here’s an in-depth, step-by-step Guide to putting the brakes on shrink by improving the procedures and controls that are proven to help you get what you pay for at your back door.

PRICE: $36

The Lost Art of Loss Prevention

In this informative White Paper Report, you’ll learn about the dynamics of preventing your shrink losses at the store level, where they begin – and end – and discover how much you could actually be losing to store shrink, based on the three primary Loss Prevention methods in use today by retailers.

PRICE: $55

Known Loss Control Program Guide

Larry Miller’s Known Loss Control Program Guide will help you get control of damaged, distressed, discontinued, close-dated or outdated merchandise.

PRICE: $89