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Welcome to a unique and powerful new approach to customer service excellence where we rid your stores of post-Service Distress Disorder… and cause within your team with the power to make customers Happy.

Open your minds and imaginations to The Total Customer Experience.

Here’s why: Shrink control builds profit by reducing loss and assuring margins. Excellent customer service builds profit by increasing sales (both from existing and newly acquired customers).

The Retail Control Group has researched both shrink loss and customer service and their individual as well as their inter-connected impact on sales and profit results. The outcome is what we call the Total Customer Experience.A strategy to achieve highly focused, results-driven customer service and profitable selling in supermarkets and all retail stores.

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Total Customer Experience: A Bold, Fresh and comprehensive Approach To Customer Service Excellence

Total Customer Experience turns the old school of customer service training on its head. The traditional approach is to drill staff on a limited set of “good” behaviors: look at the customer, smile, walk the customer to the product they want, etc…

This approach has become so typical it FAILS to make real impact on real customers because it results in simply meeting customer expectations. And, when it comes to customer service, being “as good as” the competition does nothing to build lasting customer loyalty and sales. If you want to build customer loyalty and sales you have to surprise and delight customers and EXCEED their expectations.

The Total Customer Experience program will transform your stores, and give your customers an experience that is UNMISTAKABLY YOURS and DIFFERENT from your competitors… and UNMISTAKABLY BETTER.

The TCE will become your Service BRAND and your Service Culture and an all-new competitive weapon.

Let’s Start With The Result…

Total Customer Experience starts with the outcome we seek — and then works backwards to identify the requisite steps to achieve that outcome. Here are three immediate goals:

1. More first-time customers returning to your store

2. More word-of-mouth recommendation of your store

3. Higher sales from each customer


These goals can’t be met with “normal” customer service. They can only be achieved by creating memorable experiences from store visits that leave customers feeling happy and satisfied— That’s the Total Customer Experience.

This is a new world… customers are texting and talking on the phone while shopping because most shopping experiences are boring and impersonal. Customers are unimpressed with now familiar and typical routines. But, shifting the focus to the customer experience can change everything. Today’s busy and distracted customers want to feel welcomed. They want to feel sincerity. And, they want to feel Happy.


Here’s How:

Creating the Total Customer Experience in your stores requires three things:


Most customer service programs only focus on the tactical “actions”, and that’s why they fail. To get the best and most profitable outcome, you have to HIRE for customer service excellence. Then, you have to instill a total customer-focused MINDSET in your staff. Then — and only then — can you teach behaviors and ACTIONS that will really impact how customers feel and experience your store.

All of this takes place with in the context of your Product Brand and your People Brand. This Branding process is a major component of our program as we build your brand so that customers feel it as they experience shopping in your stores.

As you can see, creating the Total Customer Experience involves MUCH more than a casual training about “smiling” and “saying thank you”. It involves a transformation of how your employees think and feel about their job — it’s a transformation of the culture in your stores.

This is what it takes today to get a real competitive edge. Yes, there’s an investment of time and money. But the payoff in sales advantage is huge, and keeps on paying returns year after year.

With the Total Customer Experience from the Retail Control Group, you’ll be attacking your challenges on TWO fronts — shrink control and customer service. That’s what paves the royal road to profitable selling and sustained profit maximization.


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